Ian calls for Federal Infrastructure Funding

Federal Member for Moore, Ian Goodenough MP, has made the case in Parliament for considerable infrastructure funding to be allocated to his electorate in the upcoming 2018/19 budget to compensate for WA’s GST shortfall.

“Continued Federal Government investment on infrastructure projects will support economic development initiatives and business growth until a satisfactory resolution to the inequitable GST distribution formula is resolved.” Ian said.

A top priority is the proposed six kilometre extension of the Mitchell Freeway to Romeo Road at an estimated cost of $300 million. $209 million of Commonwealth funding was used for the recent Mitchell freeway extension to Hester Avenue.

The proposed extension of the railway line from Butler to Yanchep will effectively connect Joondalup and the CBD to the rapidly growing northern coastal suburbs promoting economic development in Alkimos and surrounds.  The total cost of the project, including train stations at Alkimos and Eglinton, will be approximately $520 Million, with federal funding already designated for a significant proportion of this cost.

Widening the Mitchell Freeway southbound from Hodges Drive to Hepburn Avenue and from Reid Highway to Erindale road is essential to reduce traffic congestion caused by rapid population growth in the northern suburbs.
A $140 million expansion to Joondalup Health Campus is also being proposed to ensure the medical needs of our expanding northern suburbs can be adequately met.

“The addition of approximately 115 beds at the Joondalup Health Campus would add around 700 new full-time health jobs directly at the hospital, and a further 150 jobs will be indirectly created through the flow-on effects of these additional direct jobs, as well as over 1,000 jobs generated during construction.” Joondalup Mayor, Albert Jacob said.

The Boas Place redevelopment in Joondalup City Centre forms part of the City Deals program and is high on the agenda. 

“The Federal Government’s City Deals brings together the three levels of government, the community and private enterprise to create place-based partnerships, aligning the planning, investment and governance necessary to accelerate growth and job creation, stimulate urban renewal and drive economic reforms, and helping to secure the future prosperity and liveability of Australian cities.” Mayor Jacob said. 

“City Deals would generate significant momentum for the some of the City of Joondalup’s major projects such as the mixed-use precinct, Boas Place, which will activate the Joondalup City Centre and assist in creating a CBD for the northern corridor, which meets the objective of decentralisation within the Perth metropolitan area.” 

Other large scale projects such as the Ocean Reef Marina could also benefit from the City Deals model.

“Multiple economic development drivers will be activated through this huge infrastructure development, meeting the objectives of providing housing, job creation, optimising infrastructure investment and stimulating the local, regional and state wide economy – clearly defined in the City Deals program.” Mayor Jacob said.

“The upcoming federal budget is key to delivering the infrastructure necessary to serve the people of my electorate and beyond.” Ian said.

Media Contact: Taryn Smith