1,169 Development Opportunities in Joondalup

How can we as a community play our part in boosting the national economy?

I have often said that the national economic recovery begins locally.

Currently, there are an estimated 1,169 vacant residential, commercial and industrial sites within the City of Joondalup – according to the 2016/17 rate setting statement.

Some of these sites are zoned for multiple dwellings or commercial tenancies.  Each of these sites represents a development opportunity to boost local jobs in the construction industry; to promote housing affordability by increasing the residential supply; opening up activity centres for new businesses to operate; creating more local employment and services for our community.

Collectively, if we set a vision to develop at least 100 vacant lots a year by attracting the necessary investment to Joondalup and gaining the requisite planning approvals, then our City will be practically fully developed in just over a decade.

It is highly efficient and environmentally sustainable to develop vacant land which is already serviced with electricity, gas, water, sewerage, roads, and telecommunications.

The role of all levels of Government must be to act as enthusiastic facilitators to the private sector to deliver these dynamic new local project.