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All gifts and receipts of money, regardless of purpose, greater than the value of $13,800 are required under the Commonwealth Electoral Act to be reported to the Australian Electoral Commission. 

The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 prohibits the knowing receipt of donations from a Foreign Donor. A Foreign Donor includes:

  • An individual who is - (i) not an elector on the Australian electoral roll; or (ii) not an Australian citizen; or (iii) not an Australian resident; or (iv) not a New Zealand citizen who holds a subclass 444 (Special Category) visa under the Migration Act 1958; OR

  • An entity (whether or not incorporated) which does not meet any of the following conditions - (i) the entity is incorporated in Australia; or (ii) the entity's Head Office is in Australia; or (iii) the entity's principle place of activity is, or is  in, Australia; OR

  • An entity which is a foreign public enterprise.

There may be further requirements for disclosure by donors, details of which can be found at: